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Believing that democracy cannot function if only a few have access to the media, Radio Free Nashville, Inc. (RFN) intends to be a community forum for the music, voices, and viewpoints generally ignored or misrepresented by the corporate media.

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Radio Free Nashville is a true community radio station, completely locally owned and operated by volunteers from the Nashville and Middle Tennessee community. Local people create programming, design events, and keep the station up and running and on the air.

RFN supports the energy and diversity of the community with local music and news that you won't hear anywhere else. Music spans all genres from Pop, Americana, and Bluegrass to Jazz, Electronica, Goth, and Rock. RFN also airs national and international programming that explores news and information not covered by corporate media.

All this programming is made possible thanks to the hard work of many dedicated volunteers and generous donations from people like you. Licensing, equipment, utilities, repairs— the costs keep going up, year after year, but thanks to your support, RFN remains a vibrant voice in Middle Tennessee.

We need you as much today as we did since we first signed on. So why not make a donation to show your continued support of Nashville's only truly progressive community radio station? It's easy to do!

With PayPal you can make a direct donation using your own PayPal account or your credit card. You can also earmark funds for capital improvements, adopt-a-bill, or become a monthly sustainer.

Or consider becoming an underwriter— by underwriting RFN you not only get great exposure while you support your community radio station, you also become an integral part of the fight for a more diverse and open media that promotes the public interest and strengthens democracy. Talk about bang for your buck! Contact Ginny ( to find out how.

You can also support RFN through a workplace donation designated to RFN through Community Shares (detailed below), by donating your old vehicle, or by purchasing merchandise at our online store. You can even give the old fashioned way and send a check to POB 41488, Nashville, TN 37204.

No matter how you contribute, every dollar helps keep RFN alive and kicking!

Designate Radio Free Nashville for your workplace donations through Community Shares.  By specifically directing your workplace donation to Radio Free Nashville, you guarantee that your money goes to support RFN and the work that we do.  Without a designation, your contribution goes into the CS general fund and not to RFN.

Designating RFN is easy to do— just put the Radio Free Nashville code on your designation card, and start supporting RFN today.

Here are the codes for this year— pass them on to anyone you know who donates through Community Shares!

If you work for the State of Tennessee:  CS010
Tennessee Board of Regents employees across the state have a separate code:  C02-067

If you work for the Federal Government and participate in the Combined Federal Campaign:  58210

For everybody else who participates in Community Shares, including NES, Metro Government, and Metro Schools11067

Don't have Community Shares in your workplace?  Contact and we'll help bring Community Shares to you!

PayPal Logo with PayPal Today! All donations are fully tax deductible.

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Radio Free Nashville Barnraising Video

See the birth of your favorite low power FM radio station!


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Radio Free Nashville Is Now Accepting Programming Proposals. Anyone in the Nashville community is welcome to submit. Proposals should be one page in length, and include:

  1. the type of show (music, talk, etc.)
  2. the length of the show
  3. why you feel the show belongs on Radio Free Nashville - how it fits the mission
  4. all contact information
  5. when you are NOT available to be on the air

If your program is chosen, you will be required to attend an FCC training session, and sign a Programmer's Agreement, which outlines, among other things, the volunteer time commitment required to be a programmer. This is time IN ADDITION to the time spent producing and airing your program. For programmers with no radio experience, training sessions will be held on how to DJ, and how to produce short production pieces.

Proposals can be submitted to Radio Free Nashville's program schedule is currently full, but we are accepting programming proposals for the waiting list.