Steve Haggard's Bio

posted 2013 Oct 12 at 5:57 AM


Steve Haggard hosts The Haggard & Haggard Radio Hour every Tuesday afternoon from 4:00-5:00 PM (Central Time) on Radio Free Nashville.

Steve has been heavily involved in the Nashville music scene since 1989. The founder of Wild Oats Records – also known as “Nashville’s Renegade Record Label & The Home Of The Three-Hour Lunch” – he has produced dozen of artists. A singer and songwriter himself, Steve has released six albums and performed in 20 countries. He has written music-related articles for several magazines and newspapers, and given seminars on music and the music business.

And since May 2008, he has hosted his weekly show here on Radio Free Nashville.

Steve presents an eclectic hour of music that pays little -- if any -- attention to genre. In the course of any one show, you might hear Americana, blues, country, rock 'n' roll, folk, R&B, traditional music from Ireland or Scotland, reggae, rockabilly, something from the swing era, a bit of bluegrass or Cajun music, a singer from Brazil or France or Italy, some jump blues or classic pop or southern rock or Dixieland or alternative... you get the idea.

The playlist always includes some independent and local artists, as well as established ones. And although you'll very likely hear some songs that you know, even when playing well-known artists the show tends to present their lesser-known material... the idea being to introduce listeners to great music that they may not have heard, and to expand their musical horizons.

In addition to recorded music, The Haggard & Haggard Radio Hour often features special guests in the studio and on the phone, guest co-hosts at times, "roving request" segments in and around Nashville, and a hearty helping of meaningless banter.

So please tune in for an entertaining and informative hour.