Mr. C's Bio

posted 2012 Nov 29 at 12:27 PM


Mr. C is a life-long Nashvillian. He has a large collection of 45s which he plays on the "One Hour Escape From Reality," every Tuesday night at 7 pm. Some popular, some obscure, most rock & roll, occasionally country or classical, but always interesting records. You'll hear the scratches & pops that go with the territory of playing vinyl, but that just makes it more fun. Sometimes a guest host will appear, and you might hear a taped interview from a music-related personality.

Special features run every few weeks, such as The FLip Side Fast Forward Feature, Artist Spotlights, Half Country Night, AWOL 45s, Tributes to Fallen Artists or Fallen Listeners, and Anniversary Shows.

With over 2,000 records in his collection, Mr. C tries not to have too many repeats (like some other stations that play the same songs over & over). There is a lot of commentary about artists and chart positions, but the primary goal is to have FUN.