Matt the PM's Bio

posted 2012 Nov 29 at 12:18 PM


Matt Lane Matt's humble beginnings in radio began in 1992 at the tender age of 16. After being noticed at his church running the sound system, Matt was offered a job as board operator for religious services and local sports at WGNS-AM in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. This was during a time in the industry when talk radio was beginning to take hold as a dominant format on the AM broadcast band. It was also a time when analog technology (reel to reel tape, cartridges, records, et al.) was beginning to fade away from the broadcast world, being replaced by digital technology. Fortunately for Matt, he had the opportunity to work in the analog world, learning the art of commercial and news production in the process.

Flash forward to 1994. Matt enrolled at Middle Tennessee State University, eventually earning a degree in Mass Communications, with an emphasis in Electronic Media Journalism. He was technical director / production manager for fledgling student radio station WMTS-FM and production coordinator for NPR-affiliated WMOT-FM. It was at WMTS where Matt got his nickname, 'Matt The PM' or 'Matt The Prod. Man.', 'PM' standing for 'Production Manager'. He was co-host of an experimental show 'The Radiophonic Workshop' on WMTS (later 'Workeshoppe Radio Phonik') in homage to the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. WRP, as it was known, performed live experimental 'free noise' on the air, similar to shows such as KPFA's 'Over The Edge' with free noise group Negativland. Matt still performs to this day, with co-conspirator and Nashville based audio madman Pimpdaddysupreme.

During his time at WMOT-FM, Matt was recipient of a work study scholarship which paid his way through school (much to his delight, of course). Matt also worked as production manager for country formatted WBOZ-FM.

After graduation from university in 1999, Matt returned to work as news director for WGNS-AM for a brief period and then ventured into the world of public safety as a 911 telecommunicator (dispatcher). Except for a brief period, having left the public safety realm to work for Clear Channel Radio's WLAC-AM and Tennessee Radio Network, Matt continues to work in the public safety arena in the IT, telephony and LMR (land mobile radio) field.

Matt has been involved with Radio Free Nashville since 2004, when RFN obtained its construction permit from the FCC. He has hosted several shows during this period, the latest being his 'hot stereo rock', album oriented program, 'RFN Weekend'.

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