Jerilyn Morgan's Bio

posted 2012 Nov 29 at 12:03 PM


Jerilyn Morgan is a highly experienced personal life & wellness coach and a celebrated radio talk show host and speaker. Her Magnetic Heart Life Coaching Show broadcasts over the air in Nashville, Tennessee as well as worldwide via the internet.

As a life coach, Jerilyn will work with you to magnetize your heart center and create a beautiful life full of passion and abundance in relationships, health, and prosperity.

She will help you begin taking proactive steps to identify your current reality, look at what you want to have more of in your life, identify core values and desires, reframe the negative beliefs and experiences that may be sabotaging your ability to attract healthy relationships and take manageable steps and shifts in awareness and intent to begin experiencing vibrant wellness, meaningful relationships, and financial abundance.

She shows you how to immediately shift your experience into what you truly desire it to be and help you embrace your passion and purpose, set your intention and take steps that move you into your desired lifestyle with greater balance, ease, and enjoyment.

She has degrees in Psychology, Health & Physical Education, and a passion for on- going education. She is fluent in practical spirituality, holistic health, wellness, and natural healing modalities.

Jerilyn has co-owned and operated a gourmet vegetarian restaurant and taught Nutrition and Wellness classes as well as coached hundreds of clients on how to eat for strength and vitality. She is a firm believer in alternative healing and loves to promote products, foods, and plants that help the body restore itself to a youthful, energetic state. She is a specialist in the field of glyconutrition and real food technology and is on a mission to provide nourishment to malnourished children with a program called 'Give For Real'.

For 19 years, Jerilyn co-pastored churches and worked with youth programs and summer camps, as well as Life Recovery Retreats in Oregon, California, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. She has led experiential therapy groups for addicts, codependents, trauma and abuse victims, religious addiction, sprituality, and family issues for 17 years.

She has learned from her own life experience how to embrace each moment and gracefully ride the waves of change. She is great at helping her clients navigate the shifting sands and winds of change in their own lives and experience waves of peace and joy as they embrace the new reality of abundance in all areas of life!

In her personal life, Jerilyn enjoys being part of the music scene with her family and friends who are accomplished musicians. She has traveled worldwide while working with top professionals in the music and entertainment industry for the past 15 years.

She loves authentic people, laughter, and real conversations. She is full of adventure and creative ideas and loves to learn. Her hobbies include spending time with friends, meeting new people, photography, music, entertaining, gardening, hiking, horseback riding, water sports, reading, writing, and keeping up with current events.